15 decembrie 2011

Sounds like a fruit company

09 august 2011

Saramură pentru peşte sau grătar

Saramura e un sos care merge foarte bine cu un grătar de peşte (crap, caras) sau de pui.

Ingrediente pentru două porţii:

Ceapă 100g o ceapă
Roşiic 100g o roşie medie
Ardei gras 100g o jumătate de ardei gras
Ulei 30g 2 linguri
Ardei iute 35g o jumătate de ardei
Sare 8g 1 lingurişă
apă 250 ml 1 cană
usturoi 35g 4-5 căţei
Piper 1g după gust
Dafin 1g o frunză
Oţet 15 ml o liguriţă

Se incinge uleiul bine şi se căleşte ceapa tăiată fin. Odată cu ceapa se adaugă sarea.
Când ceapa începe să devină translucidă se adaugă ardeiul gras, roşiile şi ardeiul iute, toate tăiate mărunt.
Se călesc împreună până se înmoaie ardeiul gras. Se daugă apa şi se lasă să dea două-trei clocote. După ce se stinge focul se adaugă usturoiul pisat. Se potriveşte de sare şi piper. Se adaugă oţetul dacă e necesar.
Dacă se foloseşte dafin acesta se pune odată cu apa.

08 august 2011

It's very easy to lose weight

I've lost 20 kilos in about two months. That's 44 lbs for my English speaking friends.

All I did was to eat less, eat the right stuff and EXERCISE.

I never eated junk food, nor processed for that mater so it has been fairly easy to adapt to the new diet.
The key points are 5 (five) small meals a day and don't combine carbs and protein in the same meal. At least two hours between meals and no eating two hours before going to sleep.

The real kicker was was the gym: three days a week, 45 minutes of cardio and weght lifting.

Yes, it is that simple.

22 aprilie 2011

Did the Nigerian scam move to Spain?

This is the second letter of this sort that I received through SNAIL MAIL. These guys actually paid postage, I assume.

14 martie 2011

05 februarie 2011

What is quality?

It looks like I like to runt a lot, here the today one.

I've been recently to a bar/club/pub/whatever which was advertising 4$ Martinis on Thursdays.
Well, it was the worst Martini I have imagined I'll ever have. To give you a hint, it tasted like water with oil from olives. Not to be confused with olive oil which would've been palatable, albeit objectionable. There was no hint of vermouth, nor vodka just a watery oily slime.

Under normal circumstances I would chalk this to experience, never visit that establishment again and be done with it. However (and this is a word I like a lot :-) ) I had to pay a second visit next Friday to same establishment. Having being burned with the martini experience I asked for a Guinness along with a nachos planter. To my horror, the Guinness come in a bottle with the explanation they don't serve anything on tap. Come on, Guinness form a bottle? Not even from a can with a widget? How are these guys staying in business?

As it turns out the answer is ignorance. My friend who dragged me into that club the second time around had no idea what a widget is in context of beer bottling.
Another surprise come around when I asked around and found  not many understood James Bonds statement "I like my martini shaked, not stirred". *(see note)

So, to end my runt: I have to ask: Are we growing Stupid? Are we taking Big Corp advertising at face value and forget what food or drinks should taste like? I cannot see how a business who serves oily water as martini can survive more than three weeks unless the patrons don't know or don't care what a quality drink or meal is.

*note: Marini is a cocktail made of vodka (or gin) and vermouth and spices and bitters.

03 februarie 2011

Worst coffe

is McDonalds and that is official.

I thought Tim Horton's coffee is the worst but then I tried McDonalds and changed my mind.
It's bland, bitter and has no body nor after taste. They probably use the cheapest Colombian beans  they can get. No wonder they give it for free.

01 februarie 2011

Beef stew

Here is a recipe that calls for inexpensive meat and turns it into a great dish.

Start with some beef shank or back ribs or ox tail or some similar lesser grade beef. Add some onion, carrots, celeriac, parsnip, potatoes or whatever you have in your pantry and cook them together for four to six hours on very low heat. Season with salt, pepper, bay leaves, garlic and ginger.