26 februarie 2018

Yamaha RX-V473 PC RE

So I own this AV receiver (Yamaha RX-V473) for quite some time. Actually it is so old that is has been superseded by two more models from Yamaha.

So why this post? Well this post is about remote controls. Since I have this system for so long I think I can share my two cents on the subject.

Let's start and see what the options are, from the cheapest to the more expenive:

  1. Remote control supplied in the box: pretty much useless. Because very low tactile feedback, poor layout buttons, hard to reach just by feeling. Almost impossible to use in a dark room such as you'd want to enjoy a movie. On the plus side: it's free.
  2. Remote control app supplied by Yamaha for both Android and Apple platforms. Works well with my Android phone. The cons, still no touch feedback but at least you can use the app in the dark.
  3. Home Remote from Microsoft Store: same functionality as the Android app on the PC. Great if you are in front the PC, no need to reach out for some other device, just use the mouse and keyboard.
  4. Cheap Universal Remote: no pozitive experience with several tested.
  5. Harmony 650 Universal Remote Control the best universal remote I ever tested. True, a bit expensive but it does what is supposed to do.  Once you get over the initial, a bit cumbersome setup, you get a remote you can use jut by feel, in total darkness. The greatest feature of this remote is the "scene mode": you can control several devices grouped by function just by selecting the right scene.
    Let's say you watch a movie cast from your BluRay player through your AV Receiver on your 2k display.  You can program a scene where you have all the movie controls (REW, FF, Play, Stop), audio settings (volume, tone, enhancements), image settings (contrast, brightens, etc) in just one scene. Very logical and easy to use.
So what do I use most frequently? 
Well, the Harmony remote is number one. I use it most of the time.
If I am in front of the computer I use the Home Remote app.
Only if the Harmony Remote is out of reach I would use the phone app. I almost never use the Yamaha supplied remote. In fact I don't even keep batteries (AAA) for it on hand.

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